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Cookie policy
Privacy policy
User agreement
Cookie policy
Privacy policy
User agreement

Accuracy of data

It is incredibly important to us that the information on this site is as accurate as possible and we go to a huge amount of effort to verify all data. Please bear in mind however that we provide an enormous volume of information and collate material from a lot of different sources, so we cannot guarantee that everything will always be perfect.

If a particular detail is important to you, you must confirm it directly with the relevant cruise line or travel agent prior to booking as we cannot accept responsibility for any errors in the information given and we do not provide any express or implied warranty regarding the data contained on this site.

Responsibility for bookings

This site is provided free of charge to users as a means of comparing information about cruise holidays and related products. Any bookings are made between you and whichever of our travel partners you have chosen to book with. We are not a party to that booking and cannot accept any responsibility for the fulfilment of the booking or the agreed terms.

All information about cruise itineraries and pricing is provided in good faith and we do not seek to recommend or endorse any specific product as being suitable for your needs. You must confirm all relevant details at the time of booking and you will not have any recourse against us if the product does not meet your expectations.

Use of the site

By continuing to use this site, you confirm that you have read and understood the above disclaimer. Please also read our cookie policy, privacy policy and user agreement as these govern your use of the site and you will be bound by their terms.

Use of cookies

Like most websites, we use cookies in order to improve the user experience and deliver key elements of functionality. You must have cookies enabled in your browser in order to view the site properly.

Cookies are simple text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device by websites that you visit, and then accessed every time you request a page from that site. Each cookie contains anonymous information which allows the website to remember who you are and when and how you accessed the site. Some cookies are temporary and are deleted as soon as you close the browser. Others are stored for longer and allow websites to remember you for future visits.

Why do we need to use cookies?

We use cookies for four main purposes: (a) to remember what you're searching for, (b) to allow you to log into the site, (c) to collate statistical data about site usage, and (d) to tailor site content to user preferences.

The reason we need to use cookies is that websites don't have any built-in memory, so every time you load a new page you appear like a new visitor. Without cookies, we wouldn't be able to remember what you were searching for and wouldn't be able to provide functionality like the ability to refine your search results or add items to a shortlist.

Cookies also allow us and the third parties who provide site content and functionality to understand how the site is used and to provide content which is relevant to the material you have previously viewed. This may involve providing advertising material which is tailored to your prior browsing habits on this and other sites.

To provide this interaction, we and our affiliates store unique identifiers in cookies in order to allow our respective servers to understand what pages you are looking for and what information you have requested.

Is any personal information contained in cookies?

No. The information contained in cookies is anonymous and usually wouldn't even make any sense to a human reader. All it does is allow sites to link information on their servers with the web browser that asked for the information. There is no risk that anyone looking at the cookies would be able to find any sensitive personal information.

If you have registered with us, we use cookies to allow you to log into your account, but data like your email address and other browsing data and preferences is stored securely on our servers and not in the cookie itself.

Our privacy policy sets out how personal information is collected and used.

Can I opt out of using cookies?

Cookies are an integral part of the site's functionality and a number of key features would not work if cookies were disabled. In simple terms, you would just keep seeing the same page again and again because your browser wouldn't know what information had already been requested.

You must therefore have cookies enabled in order to access the site.

Can I delete old cookies?

There is no problem at all with you deleting cookies after you have finished using the site, save that you would automatically be logged out and certain unsaved search results and other preferences would be lost.

Use of personal data

When you use our site, we sometimes collect or receive information about you. This policy sets out how we use and store that information.

Registered users

If you sign up for a free account with us, we may ask you for contact details and other information about yourself. We store that data and use it for the purposes of providing you with an account through which you can access various features of the site. We may also send you newsletters and other mailings regarding our services.

You may opt out of receiving emails from us at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our emails, or by adjusting the mailing preferences in your account settings.

When you log into your account, we may ask you to confirm whether you would like to receive mailings from third parties who provide services which may be of interest to you. Save for the purposes of fulfilling a booking or providing a service you have requested, we will never otherwise share your details with any third parties unless required by law to do so.

Non-registered users

You are welcome to use a number of our services without registering or logging into the site and we do not require you to provide your name or contact details.

Please be aware however that certain personal information may be collected and stored by the statistical analysis tools that we use to monitor and optimise site performance. This includes details such as your IP address, location and the hardware and software you are using. This information is only ever stored in anonymised form and is never used for the purposes of identifying specific users.

As set out in our cookie policy, cookies are used to provide certain key functionality on the site and to allow relevant content and advertising material to be provided to users. Again this information is completely anonymous and no personal data is stored in cookies.

Terms of use

This site is operated by Compare That Cruise Limited, a company incorporated in England and Wales under company number 10069355 (referred to as "we", "our" or "us").

This page, together with our disclaimer, cookie policy and privacy policy (together the "terms of use"), sets out the basis upon which non-commercial users are entitled to use this site. Commercial use of the site, whether for profit or otherwise, is not permitted unless expressly agreed in advance with us.

By accessing this site, for any purpose and by any means, you agree to be bound by these terms of use and your use of the site shall constitute an acceptance of this agreement. "You" or "your" refers to any person or group of persons accessing the site.

Licence to use site

This site is provided free of charge to non-commercial users as a means of researching and comparing cruise holidays and related products.

You may use any standard web browser to access the site for that purpose as long as your usage is not excessive, disruptive to other users, in furtherance of illegal or inappropriate aims, or otherwise inconsistent with these terms of use.

Save for the purposes of temporarily caching data in your browser in order to speed up access or permit offline browsing, you may not download or store content from the site without our consent. Under no circumstances may you edit or modify material on the site.

You may share links to content on the site provided that you do not gain any financial benefit from doing so, but you must not otherwise republish, redistribute or otherwise exploit our content.

We reserve the right to withdraw or suspend access to the site at any time and for any reason, including but not limited to circumstances where you have breached these terms of use.

Limitation of liability

We do not provide any express or implied warranty regarding the accuracy of the information contained on this site, nor the availability of the site itself. There may be occasions when the site is unavailable or the information is out of date and we are under no obligation to remedy this.

As set out in our disclaimer, we cannot accept any liability for errors or omissions in the data provided and it is your responsibility to verify any information upon which you intend to rely, whether for the purposes of booking a travel product, or otherwise.

Our role is limited to the provision of information and the introduction of users to affiliates with whom they may wish to make a booking. We are not involved in the making or fulfilment of those bookings and any contract is between you and the affiliate in question, and will be subject to that affiliate's own terms and conditions.

Save to the extent required by law, we do not accept any liability for any loss or damage that you suffer as a result of using this site, whether that loss is direct, indirect or consequential, and whether arising in contract, tort or otherwise.

This does not affect our liability for death or personal injury arising from our negligence, nor our liability for fraudulent misrepresentation or any other liability which cannot validly be excluded or limited.

Intellectual property

Unless otherwise communicated, all material on this site is subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights and may not be copied or reproduced in any form without our express written consent.

To the extent relevant, we exercise our moral rights to be identified as the author of any proprietary content.

Variation of agreement

We may revise these terms of use from time to time.

The revised terms of use shall apply to the use of this site from the date of their publication on the site and you hereby waive any right to be notified, or to consent to, any change. This will not affect any prior use of the site which will continue to be governed by the terms of use then in effect.


You hereby agree that we may assign, transfer, sub-contract or otherwise deal with our rights and obligations under these terms of use. You may not without our prior written consent assign, transfer, sub-contract or otherwise deal with any of your rights or obligations under these terms of use.

If any provision, or part of any provision, of these terms of use is determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to be unlawful or unenforceable then the unlawful or unenforceable part shall be deemed to be deleted and the remainder shall continue in effect.

Save as otherwise provided, it is not intended that any third party should be entitled to enforce the benefit of any provision of this agreement.

Unless explicitly agreed in writing to the contrary, these terms of use shall constitute the entire agreement between us and you regarding your use of this site and shall supersede any previous agreements between us relating to the same subject matter.

These terms of use shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and any disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.