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Ultra luxury
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Whilst most of the industry are rushing to outdo each other with ever larger new ships, Seabourn is one of a select group of operators flying the flag for smaller vessels. Small certainly doesn't mean old though, and Seabourn is in the middle of a comprehensive overhaul of its fleet, which has seen its older vessels sold off and a succession of new ones added. Since 2009, it has launched the Odyssey, the Sojourn and the Quest (each accomodating 450 guests), and they have recently been joined by the slighly larger Encore (which accomodates just over 600 guests).


Whilst it's not quite a case of people not being able to afford the trip if they have to ask the price, it's certainly fair to say that Seabourn isn't aiming to appeal to the budget conscious traveller. All of its rooms are suites and the emphasis is on providing a premium package even if that costs a little bit extra.

As such, Seabourn is one of a select group of smaller ultra-luxury lines which is aimed exclusively at the adult market. Whilst children over 12 months old are theoretically allowed on board, this is very much the exception rather than the norm and there is nothing provided by way of children's facilities or entertainment.


Seabourn's investment over the last decade in new ships has gone a long way to modernising its fleet and has helped the line stay competitive in an era of ever increasing innovation. Notwithstanding that, it maintains a reasonable level of tradition in terms of approach and service on board, albeit with a number of modern twists.

Most cruise ships have become a lot more casual over the last few years as customer tastes have changed, and Seabourn is no exception to that. That certainly doesn't mean that all formality has been abandoned though, and guests still enjoy plenty of opportunities to dress up for special occasions.

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