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Royal Caribbean

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As cruising has mushroomed in popularity over the last few years, most of the big operators have been falling over themselves to bring out bigger and better ships than their rivals. Leading this pack has been Royal Caribbean who have taken innovation to a completely new level, jam-packing every new addition to their fleet with the latest technology and facilities. Its Oasis class of ships, joined recently by the newly-launched Harmony of the Seas, aren't just the biggest cruise ships in the world, but are the biggest by a massive amount, accommodating a staggering total of over 5,400 guests and over 2,000 crew.


You don't fill over 30,000 cabins at a time without having a widespread appeal, and it's a key part of Royal Caribbean's success that it has been able to cater for a range of different tastes and budgets. Whether you want a palatial suite or a more modest cabin, Royal Caribbean has options all across the quality end of the mass market.

One of Royal Caribbean's main strengths is that it has such a diverse range of facilities that there really is something to suit everyone, whether in terms of food, leisure or entertainment. Families of all ages will love the range of activities on offer, but equally there is plenty to attract couples and older guests.


No line epitomises cutting edge ship design better than Royal Caribbean and its newest ships are technological masterpieces in every sense of the word. That progress certainly hasn't come at the expense of tradition though and popular older features and styles have been retained and enhanced.

Royal Caribbean has arguably been the most successful line in terms of blending mass market appeal with touches of elegance and sophistication. At heart its ethos is a laid back one, but nonetheless there are plenty of opportunities to dress up and enjoy more formal occasions.

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