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Regent Seven Seas

Ultra luxury
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The trend towards ever bigger cruise ships has left something of a gap in the middle of the market and Regent Seven Seas is one of the operators that has capitalised best in providing what might be described as mid-sized ships. Accommodating between 490 and 750 guests, its four ships are fairly small by modern standards but are still able to provide a decent range of facilities in comfortable surroundings. The Explorer, Mariner, Navigator and Voyager are all-suite ships and offer a high end all-inclusive experience at a more sedate pace of life than you tend to find on bigger resort ships.


Like many of the other all-inclusive operators, Regent Seven Seas' pricing is very much at the premium end of the market, but it prides itself on offering value through the quality of its service and the amount of extras which are available to guests at no extra cost.

As such, it is one of a select group of smaller ultra-luxury lines which is aimed exclusively at the adult market. Whilst children over 12 months old are theoretically allowed on board, this is very much the exception rather than the norm and there is little provided by way of children's facilities or entertainment.


Although Regent Sevens Seas is undoubtedly one of the more traditional operators in terms of the clientele it attracts and the style of its ships, it has not been afraid to innovate and was one of the first lines to really embrace the all-inclusive concept, even down to providing a range of inclusive shore excursions in each port.

Elegance and sophistication is very much the order of the day on Regent Seven Seas and most of its guests tend to adopt a relatively formal approach to dressing for dinner, albeit that the ambience of the ship and the style of entertainment is more laid back than one some of the really traditional lines.

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