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MSC has achieved some of the most impressive growth of any cruise line over the last decade and currently offers one of the youngest and most technologically advanced fleets at sea. Total capacity across the fleet now exceeds 43,000 guests, spread across 16 ships, the ranks of which are about to be swelled by the addition of massive new Vista and Seaside class ships. There is a lot more to the line than sheer size though and guests are typically attracted by the range of facilities and the elegance of the European inspired ship designs.


MSC is a big and well-liked operator and needs to appeal to a wide range of customers if it is going to keep all of its ships full. Inevitably this places it slightly below some of the truly luxury operators, but it maintains a place at the premium end of the mass market.

Although at the more formal end of the spectrum, MSC has successfully broadened its appeal to include not just the traditional adult market but also families and those looking for a multi-generational holiday. You'll probably meet more older guests than younger ones, but children are still relatively well represented.


In different ways, MSC is both a traditional and a modern line. The tradition mainly comes in the shape of the comparatively formal atmosphere, whilst the modern touches are provided courtesy of a raft of technological innovations on board all of its newest ships.

The exquisite Italian styling found throughout a lot of the public areas gives a clue to the level of sophistication which MSC is aiming for. Plenty of guests adopt a more casual style, but deep down this is one of the more formal lines and most people are happy to dress and act accordingly when required.

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