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Anyone that has ever visited Disney World can attest to the fact that Disney doesn't do anything by halves, and so it is with its cruise ships. There may not be any rollercoasters, but this is as close as you can get to a theme park at sea. As you might expect from ships named Dream, Fantasy, Magic and Wonder, this is all about embracing the magic of make believe and all of the most popular Disney characters can be found on board the line's four ships. The Dream and the Fantasy are the newest of the bunch and can accommodate around 4,000 guests, whilst the slightly old Magic and Fantasy can find space for well over 2,000.


If comparisons with theme parks make Disney sound anything less than premium, then think again. The styling may in part be cartoon inspired, but make no mistake about it these are luxury cruise ships and the attention to detail and standard of service is second to none.

Most lines do their best to cater for families, but none do it quite so enthusiastically as Disney. There's still plenty for adults to do, but this is a line modelled very much around its younger guests and the vast majority of those you'll meet onboard will be travelling with children.


It may have been well over 80 years since Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse and friends, but this is not a cruise line which lives in the past. In keeping with its family-friendly ethos, its ships have a young feel about them and include a number of modern touches, cleverly mixed in with the old favourites.

Unsurprisingly for a line that places so much emphasis on its younger guests, unnecessary formality is generally avoided. The ships are smart and well appointed, and people dress and act accordingly where required, but generally the atmosphere is laid back and inclusive.

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