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The launch of Celebrity Solstice in 2008 was a complete game-changer and catapulted Celebrity into being the undisputed first choice for those looking for understated sophistication. Four sister ships to the Solstice followed in as many years and the rest of the fleet has now been made over to match the new family image. Innovative features like a genuine grass lawn on the top deck have made the new class of ships a firm favourite with guests, many of whom are attracted by the line's ability to achieve a friendly and inclusive atmosphere on board some of the largest vessels ever launched. December 2018 will see the first addition to the line's fleet for over six years, the spectacular new Celebrity Edge.


Celebrity is best described as epitomising the luxurious end of mainstream cruising. It is undoubtedly one of the best rated and best loved lines in the world, but stops just short of positioning itself in the ultra-luxury bracket of lines aimed at people for whom money is no object, and receives plaudits for being good value for the level of service offered.

There is something about Celebrity to appeal to most ages, and families of any age are made very welcome. There are however plenty of ships that offer more visible and plentiful children's activities so Celebrity tends to be the first choice of those looking for a relatively grown up experience with a lower proportion of young children that might be found elsewhere.


Celebrity hasn't forgotten any of cruising's proud traditions, but it has re-invented most of them with a modern twist. There are still the opportunities for plenty of cruise ship favourites, but nothing about the decor or the atmosphere is remotely old-fashioned and the best parts of 21st century life have been carefully woven in.

Like most lines, Celebrity has become markedly more laid back in terms of things like dress code over the last few years as tastes have changed. Guests are welcome to be as casual as they wish most of the time, but equally there are plenty of chances to dress up and enjoy various smarter dining and entertainment options.

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