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Save for a handful of very small vessels used for niche itineraries such as the Galapagos Islands, Azamara has amongst the smallest ships in the mainstream cruising market. This is a key part of its appeal and it markets itself on the basis of being able to offer a more attentive level of service and a more interesting and diverse set of places to visit than you will find elsewhere. Azamara has only two ships, and they are almost carbon copies of each other. Both the Journey and the Quest were launched in 2000 and carry just shy of 700 passengers apiece in understated but luxurious surroundings.


Azamara is undoubtedly a premium brand, but it consciously stops short of a money no object approach to cruising and keeps one eye on providing guests with genuinely good value. This includes an all-inclusive approach to most things on board, but with the option for guests to select and pay separately for off-ship excursions.

Like most of the other smaller luxury lines, Azamara's brand is aimed predominantly at the adult market. Whilst children over 12 months old are theoretically allowed on board, this is very much the exception rather than the norm and there is little provided by way of children's facilities or entertainment.


Whilst luxury small ship cruising tends to attract a primarily older demographic, Azamara has found a niche in catering for slightly more active and forward thinking travellers who want to see some interesting parts of the world whilst travelling in luxurious yet relatively modern surroundings.

In that sense, it is generally regarded as one the most laid back of the luxury small ship operators. Smart casual is very much the order of the day and the line's focus is on quality of service and variety of dining and entertainment options rather than out and out formality like some of its competitors.

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